Ben 10 – Alien Costumes

Join Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien this Halloween.  Get You Omnitrix and Dial into Your Favorite Alien Costume!

Dress up as one of creatures from the Ben 10 Alien series this Halloween or for a Ben 10 Alien Party.

Halloween has always been a popular time for both Adults and Child Alien Costume for their favorite Outer Space Festivities.

Get Your  Spider Monkey Alien Costume giving you 4 arms, 4 eyes, 2 legs and a tail.  Or choose to be the humanoid plant-like, Firey Head Swampfire Alien Costume.  Then there is the Ben 10 Heat Blast Child Costume for one hot Halloween Holiday Party!

Ben 10 SpiderMonkey Child Halloween CostumeBen 10 is a creative animated show that revolves around Ben Tennyson, a ten year old who goes on a summer camping trip with his Grandfather Max and his cousin Gwen.

On the trip, Ben discovers a foreign alien pod on the ground.  It had fallen from outer space after a battle with another space ship.  When Ben touches the pod, a watch like alien device jumps and adheres to Ben’s arm.

Ben learns that this object is called an Omnitrix.  The Omnitrix alien device allows Ben to transform into various alien forms through DNA.

Once the Omnitrix attaches itself to Ben’s wrist, he discovers his new abilities offer him the chance to help others.

Ben’s summer vacation, turns into a series of adventures allowing him to fight extraterrestrial and earthly evils.

The SpiderMonkey Alien Child Costume

SpiderMonkey is an alien who can spin webs strong as steel. His supernatural skills include adhesive and superhuman agility.

With his 4 arms, Spidermonkey excels in hand-to-hand combat. His tail is another useful appendage.

Swampfire Child Costume

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Swampfire Child Halloween CostumeSwampfire possesses some unique characteristics to go along with his flaming head.

He is a humanoid alien with flames shooting out of the top of his head.  You can smell him coming, especially in hot weather.

He lives in the swamp and has the ability to control plant life through a flammable gas.  He can shoot fire from the palms of his hands and he can launch his body for flight.

Swampfire uses naturally produced methane from within his body to ignite the fires.

Get You Swampfire Alien Costume here.

He has superior strength, regeneration or reattaching missing body parts, fire and gas projections and throwing see bombs.  Swampfire can be rendered useless through icy cold temperatures which will freeze him for periods of time.

Heat Blast Child Costume

Ben 10 Heat Blast Alien Child CostumeAre you ready to stream flames, create fireballs and radiate enough heat to cause an explosion?

This is one Hot Halloween Ben 10 Heat Blast Child Costume and it is Ben’s first transformation.  As Ben was trying to get the Omnitrix off his wrist he accidentally transformed.

Heat Blast is a Pyronite which means fire and ignite.

Heatblast can control fire at will.  He can create fire balls, flaming tornadoes or flaming streams.

These flames can also soar him into flight by sending fire at the ground propelling him like a rocket.

As powerful as this alien’s powers, Heatblast is vulnerable fire extinguishing materials including large amounts of water.  These can extinguish his fire resources permanently.

Wearing your Ben 10 Heatblast Alien Costume, you will not able to lower your own body temperature.  This means you must refrain from touching anything, including people as you will burn them.

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

The next show, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien sequel follows Ben 10: Alien Force.  Ben is now a 16 year old teenager.  The Omnitrix has been destroyed and it has been replaced by the Ultimatrix.  The Ultimatrix is a gauntlet version of the Omnitrix.

Ben learns to master the secrets of the new Ultimatrix.  The Ultimatrix bestows greater powers and abilities than the Omnitrix.  The alien forms that Ben is able to evolve into are much more powerful versions than the previous alien characters.