Do You Believe in Extraterrestrial Life?

Your Kids will love to be a Mysterious Character from Outer Space in their Alien Child Costumes this Halloween.  Adults and Children love Dressing up in a Alien Costume for Halloween or an Out of this World Party or Event.

Toy Story Alien Infant Halloween CostumeThere are so many different Alien Character Costumes to choose from.  Which Alien does you child want to be?

Below are a handful of some of the most popular Alien Creature outfits that will delight both you and your child.

Kids Love Aliens!

Be one of the Little Green Men (LGMs), Squeeze Toy Aliens from Toy Story.

Check out this absolutely adorable Infant Toy Story Alien Costume.  This costume is also available in Toddler and Child sizes and includes the 3 Eye Helmet.

Toy Story Alien Child Halloween CostumeToy Story’s Aliens are so popular, they even have their own Facebook Fan Page!  Imagine…these Little Green Men…Facebook?!  Just goes to show you how popular Aliens are with both children and adults.

In Toy Story, these three-eyed Little Green Space Alien Men appear as promotional toys for the restaurant, Pizza Planet.  This earns them the nickname of Pizza Planet Aliens.

Saved from the Lotso incinerator by Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, the Aliens tell them, “You have saved our lives.  And we are eternally grateful”.

The Toy Story Alien Costume is available in sizes ranging from Infant – sooo cute, to Toddler, Child and Adult Sizes.

Outer Space Alien Costumes

Space Alien Child Halloween CostumeSome kids are just plain fascinated by the strange Aliens and choose an Outer Space Alien Costume for Halloween or Out of this World Parties and Events.

Outer Space Aliens – You know the one.

Large Cone-shaped Head, Huge Bug Eyes, Small narrow mouth and chin … yeah, that one.

The age old Space Alien that we have seen over and over as part of our quest to learn more about this relatively unknown world frontier.

It’s rather like the Wild, Wild West of the skys.

Maybe your child would rather be Sleestak, the humanoid reptile alien from Land of the Lost.  Creepy!

Sleestak Teen Halloween Costumes

Land of the Lost Sleestak Teen CostumeLand of the Lost was a television series that began in the mid-seventies.  Sleestaks live in the Lost City.

They are large, scaly green aliens that have reptile and insect characteristics.  These humanoids have huge eyes, ruffles around their necks and short tails.

The single horn on top of their heads, along with the other features gives them a prehistoric appearance.

Extraterrestrial Life

The idea of life in Outer Space and flying objects, alien abductions and sightings that remain unexplained in one form or another has been an ongoing and speculative mystery in our lives for many years.

Defined as life that does not originate from Earth, Extraterrestrial Life has long been an unanswered mystery.

Alien Speculation